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I found out that a lot of blogs are writing about the year that went by and talking about: what was the fun, sad and what could have been better for them. Since I’m not the kind of guy to look back at the year and think about the year that went by….I shall instead look forward to all the happiness that shall come with the year to come! I mean, I’ve been quite happy this year but its over now….wait that’s not right…I’ve had a wish that’s not been fulfilled, only one though. It’s called World Peace 😉

Can’t see why people can’t mind themselves and live in peace. If your neighbours aren’t going around and killing anyone then leave them alone…oh well I guess it’s human nature.

Anyways still few hours to kill before it’s time to out with  a big bang over here (no not literally :P). Yesterday I posted the some pages for the C75 and today I was making it up to myself for missing out the C75 fun. The net is a nice tool to have at your service at times like these 😀

So now to make it up to you, I will post what I found so you can go *.* with me, yeah, lets go fangirl!

I’ll start with the games first:

Lucky☆Fighter II (らき☆ふぁい) C75Ver

someone said Lucky Starghter?



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I’m failing here, hard…somehow xmas made me do nothing and that made me miss out of on stuff that I shouldn’t have missed. Otaku-fail, orz

C75 aka Comiket75 aka Comic Market 75 started in Japan a few days ago and finished today! If you don’t know what a comiket is…well in short it’s the world’s largest comic(read: manga) convention, held twice a year in Tokyo in Japan.  The 75 means it’s been held 75 times already. It’s filled with participating circles pro or not and lots of ppl, mostly japanese, who wants to buy shiny stuff to add their collection. Oh, and lots of ppl cosplaying….yes hawt chicks too 😉

Imagine: Your local anime/manga convention but with a lot more space and lots of goodies to buy, limited doujins (Hentai or safe), games, manga, posters, cds, figures and lots of other stuff (yes, key words: lots of shinies *.*)

Anyways I shall post some pages of the Booth Pamphlet from C75 to show the circles that where present this time. You can look at the pictures and if you like, visit the circles site to check their stuff. Sadly I didn’t have time to check them myself which means that there are yaoi circles too…and I haven’t edited them out <.< But you can see that on the small pics too. 2 guys alone in a weird position usually means the ebil is there (ebil = Yaoi) ;P

Here you go, the cover of the pamphlet with the dates and times when the convention was held in Japan this year. (28,29 and 30 this month if you didn’t notice it 😉 )



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Murders, limbs, blood and GOTH?!

Do re mi fa…soooooooo I didn’t read any new manga this week…which sux. I’M ON VACATION AND I’M DOING NOTHING AT ALL EXCEPT BEING LAZY CUZ IT’S XMAS!!! 😀

Itsuki to left, Yoru to right

Itsuki to left, Yoru to right

Since I haven’t read any new manga I’ll just tell you about my favorite one-shot manga. The manga is called “GOTH” by artist Kenji Ooiwa and author Otsuichi(Real name: Adachi Hirotaka (安達 寛高)). It was released in japenese version by Kadokawa Shoten in 2003 and came out in english versionby Tokyopop in 2008.

The story is about 2 high school students, who got a weird love interest with bizarre deaths and murders. The teenagers, Itsuki Kamiyama (the “main” guy) and Yoru Morino (the chick), are your normal kids on the block…. except they are a bit smarter than the you and I. (more…)

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A wee bit about me!

I got an……unique taste and to understand my taste you need to understand a bit about how I think.
Meaning, you have to know a few things about my true self: I’m picky(ehem…great), I’m weird(ehem…genius), strange(ehem…smart) and totally insane(ehem….more than just insane 😉 ).

I like stuff with more details than just what mainstream likes…that means; no stuff like Naruto or Bleach. I like lovely things (yes…I’m a guy) but too fluffy things kills me off (hard  for me to handle, after all I’m a guy – The cryptonite called Yaoi is just ebil, you’ll never get any of that on this blog!!!).
I like stories that makes you think and stories where the author plays with the main characters head (psychological stuff, yumyum). Stories that are heartwarming are nice too but stories with the cute chick or the main character dying at the end of it, is not a good story in my book.
Oh, and I like girl, girls and girls! Let them be cute, pretty or sexy; I like them all!!!

Can’t handle what I like? RunAwayFromTheBlog!

Now you are warned!

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Yes, I’m sorry, a lot actually. Somehow I got the idea that writing a blog is like writing big article with lots of links and pictures. So I delayed and delayed writing on the blog while stressing out a bit and thinking what to write and how to write it.

How wrong I was! After reading Todd Stauffer’s book “The Essential guide to Building Dynamic Weblogs BLOG ON” I got an idea, how my own blog could look. The book is from 2002, so it may be outdated, not to mention there may be better books out there in the marked now. I found it in the library a few months ago while looking for some Learn-some-java-books and thought “Hey, maybe this may help me a little”. It did! In my opinion it’s a great book for newbeginners, where you learn about the different styles and small tips on how to make your blog better. Heck, you even learn how to insert pictures, links, forum and a few other things in your blog.

Damn…that sounded like it was an add for the book..it’s not. Go find it in the library, read it and if you love it, buy it to support the author. Ehem….I will start to write something this week, hopefully. Wish me luck, lol.

PS: Thx Todd, for clearing a few questions in my head about blogs!

PSS: Seems like wordpress got easier (and better?) to use, cool

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