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Remember yesterday? Here I was crying about my HP dying and about my harddisk stuff. Today I got good news and bad news.

Bad news first…because happy news in the end makes you a bit happy overall. I went with my laptop to the shop and turned it in to get fixed. I told him about the stuff that didn’t work like, it turns on and loops…wireless is dead….half of the keyboard dies sometimes…He nodded and wrote it all down.

So I asked him: “How long will it take to fix it?” He answered: “Hehe, 3 weeks from the time it’s on the workshop.” (They don’t fix it themself, it seems) 3weeks…OMGIWhoUseTheLaptopAsWasItAPartOfMyBody…will I ever survive these 3 loooooong weeks?

Anyway I needed my fix so I tried another approach: “I’m a student so I really REALLY need a laptop to write on. Do you got any loan-laptops I can borrow?” (loan-laptops are laptops which the store loan to you while yours is being fixed but only if you desperately need one)…and again he answered: “Hehe, the last one was just borrowed a few minutes ago“….. T_T Does this mean that I will have to write and play on this little 9′ AcerOne I’m writing on now? Hell no, it’s too hard to write and make it look nice when everything is too tiny to see on the screen….like ants running on the ground! (not really because I bought it for a reason 😉 )

Anyways….ehemm…good news. The harddisk that I had all my stuff in…well it fit right into my last optional laptop 😀 thus I have transferred what was important to my external harddisk. Now I just have to wait for the laptop to come back….or if I really lucky; get money for my laptop back (because it couldn’t be fixed) and buy myself 2 laptops instead :3 Faster and better even XD

I wanted to post a nice,cute or sexy pic of saber on this and the last post but…..I got no time to go around trying to find great pics because they are all on my laptop T_T….now ext harddisk. I mean; “give the people some fan service or prize for reading my long posts”, right?

PS: The goal is still to write something this weekend….must… snatch… one of the 3 other laptops…!


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Just noticed that I haven’t written anything since…7/1-09, that’s a week ago…sowie T_T

My laptop died and it made me cry/emo/sad/annoyed/angry/mad. The best part is that I was going to save the stuff from the laptop to an external harddisk the day before BUT I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT T_T. Now I’m looking for a laptop which will accept my Toshiba harddisk which was in my HP…..so far none of the other 3 laptops at home use the same stick/pins system, and so far only one is left.  The harddisk is a Toshiba MK1234GSX….Anyone know if I can buy an external harddisk box, put the harddisk in there and then copy the stuff over to another drive that way? If yes, link or name please T_T

At uni I’ve been busy with making a game partner search site prototype, you know…Usability Engineering >.> <.< >.>. Now I’m using that prototype and doing interviews by taking in people…with baits….and gifts….and wasting one hour of their time of their time by getting them through the prototype and asking them lots and lots of questions. This will all end with a rapport which I will make in this weeked……………………………………SAVE ME SOMEONE I’M ACTING LIKE A GROWNUP!!!

Sorry again for being this late. I will write in the weekend if I can kidnap this laptop again XD or else it’s going to be on the AcerOne or….nah can’t trust on people fixing my laptop fast, heh.

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It’s kinda boring to go to uni before the sun gets up and get home after the sun gets down……yeah thats my life atm…wait I need a life first to complain about it. Anyways, to prevent my bore…err…to stop wasting my time away I installed and played the game my friend sent me (NO! I’M NOT WASTING MY TIME WITH PLAYING GAMES :p). The game I’m talking about and the one I will talk a bit about now is called Tokkyu Tenshi (aka Rapid Angel in english aka 特急天使 in japanese).

Do you remember it from my post a few hours before New Years? Probably not, since I posted trailers for more than just one game XD but if you want to check out the trailer again go to this post  and find  Tokkyu Tenshi OP.

Tokkyu Tenshi is made by Easy Game Station who also made another funny game called ダッシュDEレイレイ aka Dash-DE-LeiLei. I was surprised to see this when I checked their profile but then again it made sense since Dash-DE-LeiLei was the same kind of game as Tokkyu Tenshi is.

If you got any desire (of course you do :P) to check their homepage, here you go:

Official Website of the Easy Game Station

Official Website of the Game 

So I started to play this game without knowing anything about it, except for the trailer I had found before. I got a….standard titlescreen in my face that didn’t show me anything about the game itself. Some feathers were falling and music was playing in the background…what? I’m lying?..see for yourself 😛 

...The title screen <.<

...The title screen <.<


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First day at uni today…orz…WRYYYYYYY!!!

My class for whole January will be Usability Engineering! So to promote and show you what I learned this first day I decided to waste a little of my time to make the page look nice. Well, I just threw it at my friends and went “Is it hard to get an overview? Should I cut the posts so ppl can click on the posts if they want to see the whole post or not? Am I forcing you to read my (messy?) blog? Are you still my friend?!” 

The answer was “gao…me lost…”

Conclusion: I cut the posts (except on the short posts) added more categories to each post,  so you can get an idea what I’m talking about before jumping into the chaos. 😉

Hope it helps a bit^^

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