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I have to admit; I did get my laptop back last week. Just been busy and then sick this whole week. Thank god for today…or it would have been a lousy week.

Not being allowed to use anyones laptop to write a blog has made me know my enemies (the usual siblings you blame for everything)

  • In Japan, girls give chocolate to the boys they like and expect gifts from them on white day.
  • In Denmark, we give don’t care who’s first since both people in the relationship express their feelings with gifts, chocolate and roses.
  • In my house, the guys buy roses, chocolate and gifts which they give to the girls expecting nothing in return. Then they use the rest of the day on their girl with romance and love. Heck, we got a schedule to follow more or so. Making it up as you go is a NO-NO, it’s something we’ve been planning for many days, making it all perfect. It’s a “let her be surprised, happy and loved”-day where we do what our girl wants to do even if it strays from the original plan.

… … … lets just make our own V-day today 😉 lessee….a Japanese style integrated with western and our style!

V-Day started with my girlfriend coming to my place with a gift

*.* Saber~~~~...oh and Illya

*.* Saber~~~~ *.* ...and some girl not worth mentioning



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