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Another music video

Yep…accidents happens…nah just kidding. I’m tired, just too tired today to find the picture and load them up so I’ll post another music video with another song, I’m fond of :3

It’s from an anime, I haven’t watched yet (I refuse to watch 3d anime… -_- ), called Gundam MS Igloo – Apocalypse 0079.  Yume Wadachi is the title of the song sung by Taja…I would love to say a lot more but it’s better to hear it and see how nice it is for yourself :3

By the way…I’m only talking about the song here not the animation (geh…3d…gundam…*puke*)

Enjoy it 😉


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Yeah, I haven’t forgotten the few people who keep looking in this blog now and then…I wrote about another manga but still need to find some pages (preferably raw) but it seems too hard so if I don’t find anything this evening I’ll use the scans I got.

In the meantime a video for you 😀

It’s the ED called “My Fate” from a web ova that I saw a long time ago. It’s on 6 parts and is called:  The Wings of Rean (in Japanese: Rean no Tsubasa).  It’s based on the novels made by the Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. The plot was good but the animation was really lacking, think the voiceactors did an okay job though. What really pissed me off was the ending…you don’t make that kind of end when you already got a happy ending…damn *censored*!

Anyways the ED was totally worth it even if the anime ending was crap. Anna Tsuchiya, the singer,  actually sings in Engish instead of Engrish like most Japanese. She looks cute and got a nice voice so here you go, enjoy

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Great news….after fighting the whole last week with my life…what life?…I got the chance to catch my breath. I wasted my weeked with the making of a forum for the scanlation group I own…heh “own”. Even with my poor skills it seems like I’ve been doing something right. You can check the results here; http://shi-ki.org/forum/index.php

Now I would say that I will start checking out C75 stuff but sadly I’m haven’t gotten it complete. Instead I’ll check out C74 stuff (yes I missed that one too…too busy with uni) so if you see something you have seen before…forgive T_T

As a goodbye gift  I’ll present you a really nice song, it’s old but still superb. I luv it..saw the anime which wasn’t as great as the novels but the song…the opening song…sooooo nice for girls and for guys.

It’s the opening of Condor Heroes, the anime. It had 2 seasons where the first one was shown in china and japan but the second was only shown in china. No news about 3rd season though even if 2nd season stopped in the middle. The song is sung by NoR and is called Yuu:3 First half minute is my favorite. Even if the youtube version is a bit crappy the song is still nice to hear. Enjoy and leave comments if you find it worthy XD

PS: Tell me if you are interested in the full version of the song. I listen to it every when I leave the house so I should be able to find it easily XD

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Today…well I was hanging out(read: doing hw) at uni for some time and didn’t have time to relax….until today :3

SO today I will present you something you may know already. Though the chance for not knowing is a lot bigger 😛 Here we go!

It’s 3 cute SD character videos from different eroges. The first 2 are from Toheart and are music videos. The last one is from Key characters from Air, Kanon and One and tells a bit about their…”daily life”. They are worth watching, specially my favorite Funky Cat Maybe, enjoy ^^

Hajikero! いいんちょ (Hajikero Iinchou)



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Today one of my friends slave, japanese of course…, asked me if I agreed on the top 50 eroge in 2008 from 2ch. “Oh,” I replied surprised “I didn’t notice that you people already made a topchart over eroge already.” He laughed a little at with me and then posted some niconico links….then youtube links, which I could use.

I watched them all and enjoyed them XD~~~~~~~~~~~

The first place doesn’t surprise me, it got what they want….damn those pedos. Well i won’t spoil it for you, you can watch them yourself.

From 50-11:

From 10-1:


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I was playing around with wordpress yesterday and today too, and noticed…Damn it’s limited!

To play with my layout settings like width, height and sidebards…I need to pay…

I can’t add javascripts…probably need some plugins…which I again have to pay to be able to insert those…

I can only post a new header and html scripts on the sidebar…which as you can see I did 😉

One of my friends told me to use Blogger instead, and I have to say (even if I hate how gloomy it looks…wonder why?) you got better control over your site. Save your settings and play around as much as you want to…if you do something that can’t be fixed, just upload your settings again :3 yesyes you can do that on wordpress too….but on Blogger I don’t have to pay 😛

They got this nice n00b control place where you can see how your (more…)

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Puchi Eva or as some calls them Petit Eva is not a new concept from Gainax….they are quite old. Puchi Eva are just made the Eva figures in SD (super-deformed) form cuz we all know whats Gainax motto; “Lets milk it cuz it’s Eva!”
Well I shouldn’t really be talking since I like Eva…first version better than the second rebirth shit. Why? Cuz it got REI!!!!! Rei was shown as a cute girl running late for school with a slice of bread in her mouth…. *.* Yeah,  everything with Rei in it is worth it….kinda like how everything with Saber it in is totally worth it, lol

...YumYum? She can be an angel for all I care *.* YUMYUM

...YumYum! She can be an angel trying to destroy humanity for all I care *.*

Anyways back to Puchi Eva… (more…)

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