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I was playing around with wordpress yesterday and today too, and noticed…Damn it’s limited!

To play with my layout settings like width, height and sidebards…I need to pay…

I can’t add javascripts…probably need some plugins…which I again have to pay to be able to insert those…

I can only post a new header and html scripts on the sidebar…which as you can see I did 😉

One of my friends told me to use Blogger instead, and I have to say (even if I hate how gloomy it looks…wonder why?) you got better control over your site. Save your settings and play around as much as you want to…if you do something that can’t be fixed, just upload your settings again :3 yesyes you can do that on wordpress too….but on Blogger I don’t have to pay 😛

They got this nice n00b control place where you can see how your (more…)


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