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Great news….after fighting the whole last week with my life…what life?…I got the chance to catch my breath. I wasted my weeked with the making of a forum for the scanlation group I own…heh “own”. Even with my poor skills it seems like I’ve been doing something right. You can check the results here; http://shi-ki.org/forum/index.php

Now I would say that I will start checking out C75 stuff but sadly I’m haven’t gotten it complete. Instead I’ll check out C74 stuff (yes I missed that one too…too busy with uni) so if you see something you have seen before…forgive T_T

As a goodbye gift  I’ll present you a really nice song, it’s old but still superb. I luv it..saw the anime which wasn’t as great as the novels but the song…the opening song…sooooo nice for girls and for guys.

It’s the opening of Condor Heroes, the anime. It had 2 seasons where the first one was shown in china and japan but the second was only shown in china. No news about 3rd season though even if 2nd season stopped in the middle. The song is sung by NoR and is called Yuu:3 First half minute is my favorite. Even if the youtube version is a bit crappy the song is still nice to hear. Enjoy and leave comments if you find it worthy XD

PS: Tell me if you are interested in the full version of the song. I listen to it every when I leave the house so I should be able to find it easily XD


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