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Yeah, I haven’t forgotten the few people who keep looking in this blog now and then…I wrote about another manga but still need to find some pages (preferably raw) but it seems too hard so if I don’t find anything this evening I’ll use the scans I got.

In the meantime a video for you 😀

It’s the ED called “My Fate” from a web ova that I saw a long time ago. It’s on 6 parts and is called:  The Wings of Rean (in Japanese: Rean no Tsubasa).  It’s based on the novels made by the Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. The plot was good but the animation was really lacking, think the voiceactors did an okay job though. What really pissed me off was the ending…you don’t make that kind of end when you already got a happy ending…damn *censored*!

Anyways the ED was totally worth it even if the anime ending was crap. Anna Tsuchiya, the singer,  actually sings in Engish instead of Engrish like most Japanese. She looks cute and got a nice voice so here you go, enjoy


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