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No pics, no long posts, no nothing!!!
Exams are ebil, ebil, ebil!
Oh well it’s soon finished then I just got a project to do…should get more time :3
Again: Science is ebil! Learning about Newtons 3 laws wasting 1k pages….if thats not ebil then what is????



Computer Science Modelling is quite interesting if you forget about the annoying proofs but…I would loved to have more time to get ready (Who am I kidding…I would watc anime/play games/read manga instead XD)


I shall be back…a week or 2 😛


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So after running away last time by just making a little post about my wall…yeah I felt a little bad about it 😛 ….I decided to write a bit about some of the musique listen to. Well I listen to a lot but still…if I take a few songs and their artist I should be able to make lots of posts, lol.

Today it will be Ar Tonelico’s turn. If you haven’t played the games, watched the ova or read the manga….then you can still enjoy the great music it got. If I can so can you 😉

So lets the musique show begin with my favorite~


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