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I had my first “serious” Japanese class yesterday….gonna have one again tomorrow. When  I say “serious” I mean that I will take it much seriously then I’ve done so far. After having Japanese for the last  years once pr month (normally you meet once pr week but I didn’t have time to do so…) it’s only fair to Japanese and myself that I take it seriously this time.

So what did we do yesterday? …nothing much just learned the first 25 out of 50 hiragana alphabets in one go!

People were having headaches since it was a lot at once, lol. I was relaxing since I know my hiragana (know my katakana too but mix them up sometimes) so in the break I did the homework we had gotten for the weekend. Yeah, I’m a smart-ass…buzz off 😛

So while I was doing it…you have to remember these are for people who never had Japanese before…I noticed something funny and noticeable. You had to take find the right romaji (roman alphabet) for the right hiragana word…and later write the right hiragane for the right romaji word.

Anyway, the words I stumbled onto while doing the exercises were stuff like:

Page 1: 3.ai (love) 4.kako(past) 5.kui(regret) ….Tell me did they take this out from a love novel?

Page 2: 6.suso (hemline) ….Yep, seems so >.> Can’t wait for the next page…zzzzz…

Page 3: 1.hifu(skin)….Omg erotic romance novel :D~~~~

Page 3: 3. hone(bone) 4.shinu(die)…..Wtf! Did we just go emo and dystopia?

Page 3: 6. hiniku(sarcasm) …..No shit! lol! (more…)


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