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Miyazaki and Ghibli did it again….well you know…made a hit! This time it’s something different…it’s a mix of a story we all should know from our childhood called the little mermaid and something japanese making it a lot more cuter.

The movie is called Ponyo (or in japanese “Ponyo on the Cliff”) and is about a little 5-year-old boy, named Sousuke, who rescue this special fish-girl and name her “Ponyo”. Ponyo gets taken back by her father who thinks that she’s been kidnapped by humans and gives her a new name “Brunhilda”. Ponyo who already got a name confronts her father and then stuff happens where the little Ponyo desire to become a human girl and get back to Sousuke…

Though lots of stuff happens this movie is made for children like most of the Ghibli movies. I think older audience can enjoy it too. Same with families…since Ghibli movies are normally enjoyed with others and leaves a feeling of warmth inside each person who watches their movies.

Oh, and a trailer so you can see what it’s about:


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Yes, I know I was going to write more but lots of stuff  happened and too busy and lots of other excuses…but I guess I should write something about it.

We do our exercises and repeat it…..write a little and talk a lot. Then when our teacher can see that we are kinda lost he goes: ANIME TIME!!!

Yes you heard right, anime time!

But sadly it’s not only anime and it’s not that new. You know he normally doesn’t watch anime and the ones he watch he may accidently find…which is fine with me cuz I can always need a new anime which I never got to see >.>

Anyways…he only show us about 10 mins since he doesn’t want to spend all our time showing us anime so take a look at……

Black Jack:

It’s about Pino on her way to Black Jack but suddenly have to save all the animals + a dragon (don’t ask) in the forest…even if she doesn’t want to be late.

I wasn’t there (more…)

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Windows 7……-tan!!!

Yes, Windows 7 got a tan too. Windows tans, which are cute chibi chars being the windows mascots, have been unofficial mascots made by the japanese fanatic community.


To promote Windows 7 microsoft made an official windows 7-tan. She’s called Nanami Madobe which is a play on windows 7 (“Nana” means 7 and “Madoe” means window in japanese) and is voiced by Mizuki Nana, a popular idol, singer and voice actor (like putting voice for Hinata in Naruto, Fate in Nanoha). She looks okay, which isn’t that normal when you talk about voice actors XD


More info on Nana:


They made an official theme with 7-tan with sounds and (more…)

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So I was all happy that I was able to use my laptop and write blog entries while being at uni whenever I could….WHEN I saw the big flaw in my grand plan.

When I go to japanese class, it’s kinda impossible. Since it’s a separate school, I don’t got the login&password for getting on their wireless net. How stupid I felt when I tried to log on to the blog yesterday…lol.

Oh, well  I’ll just have to do it when I’m at my own uni instead. XD

Today I present a nice little OP to a nice eroge which is more like a visual novel then hentai game. Think of it as “Game with a good story and some sex scenes making it a seinen”-kinda game.

It’s called Kara no Shoujo and is made by Innocent Grey (funny how eroge companies use “innocent” and the like in their names, lol). The reason I’m showing it is because the weather is grey-ish over here, raining too, and because this eroge will have a hentai ova out next month.

Now enjoy your safe for work eroge opening:

Nice, right? Interesting, right? Pretty, right?

All those are reasons for me hoping to see greatness next month when it gets released in Japan. If I’m lucky I’ll probably end up there when they release it, Japan that is. 😉

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I was being bored since doing homework all the time is……boring!

So what did I do? I wasted my time finding nice musique to hear.

So what did I find? I found a great Touhou animation musique video!

I think everyone should watch it even if they don’t know the Touhou chars as much as I have come to know them. It’s brilliant…well it’s great. I love how the put it together where you don’t see any faces but evil smiles and nice figures of the  characters, yes a “Silhouette Painting” if you may.

I’d recommend the song too even if you forgot a little to much on the video, lol.



Name: 【Touhou】Bad (more…)

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Been as busy as I am…everything else will stand still, lol.


I found out something today that I can actually do instead of just waiting it for to be weekend and then go “omg so much homework…guess I’ll wrote a post next weekend” etcetc

Today when I was at school, I saw a guy, writing a mail, checking his face book and writing a new entry on his blog!

After seeing it I decided that it was a nice idea to copy and do that. Sadly my laptop was at home, rofl.

Anyways from now on the mission is to have the laptop to the lectures and write a few entries (or atleast one pr week) from uni!

ma touhou future

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