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Weeeeeh Happy New Year!

Yes as the title says: Happy New Year

May you have a wonderful year, 2010. I bet we all wanted to do lots of things like taking over the world but had no time to do it with lots of other stuff getting in our way. I wanted to write a little about the c77 comiket they just had in Japan a few days ago but…..no chance of doing it since I had a little work to do (btw Spain says hi) and I didn’t find the pamphlet which got colours and make it more interesting to look at stuff. Of course this doesn’t mean that I may not write something about…dunno…I should find something good to post later. 34 mins left to new year and I wanted to give you all a greeting since….it’s being polite. Nah, I’m kidding, I’m bored, I want to get over with this and go to bed but people won’t let me. So what’s better to do than wasting my time on saying hi to you and wish you a happy new year…beats the party they are having right now in this house…. 😛

So have I done anything this year? First semester….probably not…second semester…too much…guess that equals a yes.

Do I regret something? Probably but atm I can’t remember any of them….must be a no, lol.

What are my new years resolutions (why stop at one when you can have more? heh!): Well not being this lazy (lol yeah rite), be more serious about uni (…like reading the books), make a great bach project (this is gonna be tough…nearly as much as laziness), release more chapters (oh think we can probably do that…), play more games (well if you think about how many eroge I’ve played so far…I can only fulfill it no matter how many games I play), learn programming hardcore (it’s a must if I wanna survive at uni), exercise (need some muscles) and probably read more manga, watch more anime, listen to the musique and learn japanese enough to beat Joulu at Sankyu score…omg the otaku in me just woke up. 24 mins left to new year…Oh and let’s not forget; World Peace or Take Over the World! (I figure both thing leads to the same^^)

So you people got any wishes for the new year resolution? Something that’s not as big as mine but something you want to change about yourself and you know that if you get a little push from behind you can do it^^ Please do tell!

Lastly I present you the Type-Moon new year picture from their Homepage for today only, they will probably have it gone by tomorrow night.

14 mins left till new year…Now I command you to have a happy new year no matter where you are and who you are. Atleast use this day to relax…though I’m being a hypocrite when there’s poor people in the world and fireworks pollutes the envoirement a lot more than…well details details!



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It’s Xmas again!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Yes, I know it’s been some time….but I was working. Yes, you heard right, working.

The group wanted to do a mass release since it is christmas  so we had to work a little. Since I’m the leader it means I have to work more…orz.

Anyway it’s done and I can now enjoy my christmas vacation….oh wait still got an assignment but we shall look at that later…tomorrow maybe. Today we dine in h3ll! RAWRRR

Apropos christmas, have any of you ever noticed that if you mistype Satan you get Santa? And both goes around in red…it makes one think.

And while thinking about it I found a nice vid to show how scary… great Santa is and how misunderstood he is…heh. Warning…it may get you a little scared or shocked XD

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day with your loved ones since this day only comes once a year. With all the screaming, fighting and other evil things we do, it’s nice with just one  day where we actually love eachother…no I’m not only talking about sex here but also giving out, helping others, being nice etcetc.

Again I wish you all a happy christmas!

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News on new Code Geass


How can you in your stupid head think that 2 hours is enough to show how much a student learned the whole semester? Especially when the test is as big as a 4 hours exam??????? Our teacher seems to forget that there was a reason why they split the subjects in half and it wasn’t so they could continue with their shitty understanding of how to burden the student in each and every specializing subject……no wonder they say 5th semester is the hardest.

Anyways enough rant about life….only one week left and it’s vacation (except in computer graphic cuz that’s something that  where you make 2 reports and turn them in the middle of januar where you already started on new subjects….orz)

New Code Geass anime in production and soon out….yes I know I’m a bit late with the news but people…”EXAMS”?!

“But I do not do moonspeak!”

Fear not T1 is (more…)

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