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We danes love to go over the border and act like idiots….when we try to make a point we always go extreme and offend everyone else, act all arrogant and refuse to take it back…EVAAA: Welcome to the game: Hit The Bitch.

The reason this game on the net was made  was to make a point. A little background story would be great to know so you can understand why people made the game. At that time(November 2009) someone had made an analyze telling that most girls with a guy got hit by them but still kept being together with the guy.

This was a problem….that you need to go that low hitting a girl….if you don’t like what she’s saying to you,  tell her that or leave her. No need to hang around someone who makes you angry instead of loved, right?

Anyway some danes made a campaign to reach out to the guys and by playing the game they would see how “cool” they are for hitting the “bitch”.

Well the girl in the game doesn’t make it easy either. She keep offending you and saying nasty stuff that really makes me wonder why the hell someone wants to be with her….I’d just leave her straight away cuz it’s less hassle than dealing with someone to destructive XD

The game can be found here!

Warning: You need a danish proxy to be able to access…they don’t want to get famous, lol, so they made it to .dk only.

Anyways since I suspect that the readers of this blog aren’t danes, I’ll translate the (more…)


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