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Backz…and SamBakZa

I’m back! Well actually I’ve been back for nearly a month soon. Just didn’t have power enough to do anything. A few days back I took back my throne and now I thought I should write here too. My vacation was…

In short: My vacation was crap..I became more stressed that before…

That was my vacation. Now to what I want to present for you today!

It’s a nice animation series by a korean company called SamBakZa. You can find them here.

The animation I present is called “There She Is” and about a normal cat and a yandere rabbit. It’s a sweet love story that should be watched by everyone. It gets serious after Step 3 but it ends happily in the end. You will go awww, T.T, XD and  <3<3<3 at it. My own favorite is Step 1, totally.

Heh, Now enjoy all the 5 Steps of “There She is“:

Step 1 (The start):

Step 2: (more…)


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