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I’ve been busy with stuff that I really need to do to go forward…and my scanlation group. I didn’t really have anything to write about since I’ve kinda been dead on funny stuff to write about. Well except that my japanese class is filled with nerds that like naruto, bleach and one piece because that’s what manga is for them. Luckily there are even girls who know what hentai is, lol.

Yesterday I found something that I found interesting which also made my laugh a lot. We call them Robots! In japan robots are big, mostly because they love their hi-tech stuff over there. So as many of you know they started to make robots that look like humans (after all we all know that dutchwives takes an extra step in Japan) and this time they are using robots in their….acting! No need for actors anymore…well soon since the robots are a bit stiff.

We already know that they can to do this:



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