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Today I was surfing the net and I found this article from Tokyopop:

Frequently Asked Quetions: Why do series go on hiatus?  by Author: LillianDP (Senior Editor)


In here we, the customers, get blamed for them dropping a title because we wait for it to be complete before buying. Plus we shouldn’t expect that many copies of the early volumes if we wait too long or until it’s complete.

So today I will discuss their arrogant attitude, well I’m hoping they will see this and answer where answers needed, cuz let’s be serious; They fucked the customers up really bad, not once, not twice…well you know the deal if you are a Tokyopop customer.

My thoughts after reading the article:

Tokyopooooop still think that we trust them enough to buy manga from them before they even ended. I know it’s an old deal but really politics and manga don’t fit together well.

Let’s start with some things I’ve wondered about and would love their reply:

Tokyopoooop doesn’t tell you when something is canceled or going to be.

Why? Cuz then they can’t sell those titles to suckers. Why Tokyopooop, why? (more…)


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Been some time, eh?

Hello everyone, how are you? (Perfect start on any letter to others ;P )

It’s been a while…and like always I’ve been busy. I can’t even remember the last post I wrote but it doesn’t have a lot to do with today’s post. I decided to do two things today, first:

Happy belated new year!!! rofl

and second show some nice vids 2 spoofs, 2 japanese vids and 1 special game vid which  you will only get if you know japanese enough to understand it. Knowing the game/manga/anime will only help though. xD

We start with the Spoofs, they are from the MTV music/movie awards. Both are ones that we watched on the TV but sis never saw them since she was away from country and they didn’t show it in USA…they jumped those over cuz they are boring, lol, or something like that.

and my favorite; Curse you Tankman! (more…)

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