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Yep I haven’t written here anything for the last 3 months. I’m but I was quite busy with my bach thesis. It went okay…

After that I decided to do another of my hobby to satisfy some readers and fans but that ended with not such a good response since I don’t like other’s earning money on free stuff. So I decided to go on vacation…

Since I seem to have a lot of time and Remilia Scarlet won’t be beaten no matter what (well I’m getting closer to beaten her each day) I thought “Why not post on the blog?”

So I had to find something to blog on since talking about the same crap like the rest of the other otaku…anime or manga…wouldn’t cut it.

Luckily for me a friend…a 3-eyes alien came to my rescue with a nice short game. I thought “Hey, let’s snatch it!”

So I present you a game called “The Company of Myself.” It’s about this guy who wanders alone on a field and finding new things he likes and dislikes. The intro starts like this:

Sounds a  bit boring but fear not it is worth it if you like to think in your games. You could call it a puzzle game. You mostly follow his story and he’s the only one in it, there’s a flashback though. Him and his shadow he can use to work for him.

 You may not see it in the picture since I didn’t think it was that important but by using the other shadows of his self as a stepping stone, he can progress. The flower is the start point and the green square is (more…)


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