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Yes, yes,yes you all probably hear about it ACTA, SOPA, FIFA…sorry I mean PIPA and EAR…really ear? lol

Everyone is talking about them so I figure I would too. I don’t mind some restrictions on my net…seriously after seeing all the horrible things I’ve seen in my ol’ days I’m still surprised that I am sane…I am sane and blogging right now, right?

Still I got no wish to go in for what those people are talking about…heck they don’t even know themselves what they are talking about. “We need a nerd in here to tell us what this is about!” said by some nice politicians who made the law…really people nerds aka geeks aka people who specialize in something aka experts. Aye long trip but the same meaning. Yes you need to learn how to look up in a dictionary and use the correct synonyms so you don’t embarrass your country when some comedian shows how you are in a TV far away from your country…like in EU.

Anyway I said I like restrictions…so what kind of restrictions am I talking about? Oh it’s easy. Restrictions where people are earning money on the stuff you made, whether you be rich or poor, if people are making money on your stuff on the net without your consent to it I think they should be restricted to….jail.

As I’ve probably said a many times, I am was a scanlator.

The reason I did it was to let other people enjoy the author’s works (more…)


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A tiny scary story

After stopping scanlations I got lots of time reading up on stuff I’ve missed for a long time. A few weeks ago I found a nice webcomic on a Korean site I visit often.  I wondered if I had to translate it from Korean to English before presenting it to you readers since it’s a good presentation of it. Still I rather not since I stopped scanlating stuff after it got misused from online manga readers to earn money instead of the original idea: Showing love for the author’s work to others. Some people can be that disgusting.

Anyway I found out that it was out in an English version too and decided to post it here so people can read and enjoy the scare, heh.

A simple title for those who may want to know the title and the author of the work. It’s taken from Naver where many koreans post webcomics for others to read, some much better than others.

A girl, the main char, is on her way home from late school class and she got a weird feeling about the shadow she sees in front of her.

I won’t tell much more about the story since it will only ruin what happens in the story, after all I already spoiled enough as it is.

Before posting the link to the story and telling you to enjoy it, I’ll give you a warning: If you got weak heart, too old so your heart isn’t as strong as the young days, can’t handle horrors…well don’t read it. Otherwise go for the trill~

Remember that this story goes down so you just scroll down while you read it, enjoy: A small ghost story for the dark night


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