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It seems I got a problem with writing something on the blog since I keep doing lots of other things and never writing about it. Even if most of it would be related to my hobbies that would be quite interesting to the ones who still read this blog.

This time I present you some great musique which I accidently found. More specific, it’s a group called Supercell who did a few nice songs. Some to anime and some with animations where the one of them is my favorite, cuz it’s nice to listen to, got great graphic and got a nice yuri-ish vibe to it~

Here we go so enjoy supercell like I did.

First a slow one, kind of:

Then a little faster (more…)


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News on new Code Geass


How can you in your stupid head think that 2 hours is enough to show how much a student learned the whole semester? Especially when the test is as big as a 4 hours exam??????? Our teacher seems to forget that there was a reason why they split the subjects in half and it wasn’t so they could continue with their shitty understanding of how to burden the student in each and every specializing subject……no wonder they say 5th semester is the hardest.

Anyways enough rant about life….only one week left and it’s vacation (except in computer graphic cuz that’s something that  where you make 2 reports and turn them in the middle of januar where you already started on new subjects….orz)

New Code Geass anime in production and soon out….yes I know I’m a bit late with the news but people…”EXAMS”?!

“But I do not do moonspeak!”

Fear not T1 is (more…)

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Miyazaki and Ghibli did it again….well you know…made a hit! This time it’s something different…it’s a mix of a story we all should know from our childhood called the little mermaid and something japanese making it a lot more cuter.

The movie is called Ponyo (or in japanese “Ponyo on the Cliff”) and is about a little 5-year-old boy, named Sousuke, who rescue this special fish-girl and name her “Ponyo”. Ponyo gets taken back by her father who thinks that she’s been kidnapped by humans and gives her a new name “Brunhilda”. Ponyo who already got a name confronts her father and then stuff happens where the little Ponyo desire to become a human girl and get back to Sousuke…

Though lots of stuff happens this movie is made for children like most of the Ghibli movies. I think older audience can enjoy it too. Same with families…since Ghibli movies are normally enjoyed with others and leaves a feeling of warmth inside each person who watches their movies.

Oh, and a trailer so you can see what it’s about:

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Yes, I know I was going to write more but lots of stuff  happened and too busy and lots of other excuses…but I guess I should write something about it.

We do our exercises and repeat it…..write a little and talk a lot. Then when our teacher can see that we are kinda lost he goes: ANIME TIME!!!

Yes you heard right, anime time!

But sadly it’s not only anime and it’s not that new. You know he normally doesn’t watch anime and the ones he watch he may accidently find…which is fine with me cuz I can always need a new anime which I never got to see >.>

Anyways…he only show us about 10 mins since he doesn’t want to spend all our time showing us anime so take a look at……

Black Jack:

It’s about Pino on her way to Black Jack but suddenly have to save all the animals + a dragon (don’t ask) in the forest…even if she doesn’t want to be late.

I wasn’t there (more…)

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I had my first “serious” Japanese class yesterday….gonna have one again tomorrow. When  I say “serious” I mean that I will take it much seriously then I’ve done so far. After having Japanese for the last  years once pr month (normally you meet once pr week but I didn’t have time to do so…) it’s only fair to Japanese and myself that I take it seriously this time.

So what did we do yesterday? …nothing much just learned the first 25 out of 50 hiragana alphabets in one go!

People were having headaches since it was a lot at once, lol. I was relaxing since I know my hiragana (know my katakana too but mix them up sometimes) so in the break I did the homework we had gotten for the weekend. Yeah, I’m a smart-ass…buzz off 😛

So while I was doing it…you have to remember these are for people who never had Japanese before…I noticed something funny and noticeable. You had to take find the right romaji (roman alphabet) for the right hiragana word…and later write the right hiragane for the right romaji word.

Anyway, the words I stumbled onto while doing the exercises were stuff like:

Page 1: 3.ai (love) 4.kako(past) 5.kui(regret) ….Tell me did they take this out from a love novel?

Page 2: 6.suso (hemline) ….Yep, seems so >.> Can’t wait for the next page…zzzzz…

Page 3: 1.hifu(skin)….Omg erotic romance novel :D~~~~

Page 3: 3. hone(bone) 4.shinu(die)…..Wtf! Did we just go emo and dystopia?

Page 3: 6. hiniku(sarcasm) …..No shit! lol! (more…)

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So after running away last time by just making a little post about my wall…yeah I felt a little bad about it 😛 ….I decided to write a bit about some of the musique listen to. Well I listen to a lot but still…if I take a few songs and their artist I should be able to make lots of posts, lol.

Today it will be Ar Tonelico’s turn. If you haven’t played the games, watched the ova or read the manga….then you can still enjoy the great music it got. If I can so can you 😉

So lets the musique show begin with my favorite~


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This should have been posted last week but I pressed on the wrong button instead, lol.

These days I’ve been a lot into K-on! aka Keion!, a 4koma manga by Kakifly. It’s a manga (and now anime) about 4 girls who decides to save their school’s light music club from being abolished. However, they are the only members of the club, and one of the them, Yui Hirasawa, has no experience playing musical instruments or reading sheet music.

So of course I would have a picture from it as my wallpaper *.* Anything else would be blasphemy! Lookie!

latestwall (more…)

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