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I have been busy. I am still busy. I will be busy for the next 3 months. I’m quite busy with doing my thesis, working parttime, talking with people on irc, searching for job after I graduate…yes, I’m doing all this now.

I was supposed to write like every 2nd week or month but wow more than 2 years have gone by since I wrote anything. What have I done since….study like hell…no…looking back I feel like I only worked parttime, chatted on irc, dealt with idiots and studied. What a boring 2 years I had. Hopefully it will change soon…

Even commenting on twitter has been…vague…I mean, I do comment like once a month and that’s it.

BUT it’s fine. Summer is coming which means I will be done soon with many of those things mentioned above. This means I will have much more time. Then I can focus on my hobbies like writing about good stuff here.

I do read manga and watch anime but I don’t think they are awesome enough to write here about. Oh, that reminds me I did watch and read something awesome…I wonder why I haven’t written about those.

Hmmm…I should really write about those things. It’s not gonna be now but when summer comes. (You may have noticed that I’m mentioning summer many times, yes I’m looking forward to it)

As an apology for not posting for two years, I will post two links instead:
Here comes batman!
A cool animated Japanese song…

I will see you all in 2-3 months (and not years) and I shall become more active. :3


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