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Great news….after fighting the whole last week with my life…what life?…I got the chance to catch my breath. I wasted my weeked with the making of a forum for the scanlation group I own…heh “own”. Even with my poor skills it seems like I’ve been doing something right. You can check the results here; http://shi-ki.org/forum/index.php

Now I would say that I will start checking out C75 stuff but sadly I’m haven’t gotten it complete. Instead I’ll check out C74 stuff (yes I missed that one too…too busy with uni) so if you see something you have seen before…forgive T_T

As a goodbye gift  I’ll present you a really nice song, it’s old but still superb. I luv it..saw the anime which wasn’t as great as the novels but the song…the opening song…sooooo nice for girls and for guys.

It’s the opening of Condor Heroes, the anime. It had 2 seasons where the first one was shown in china and japan but the second was only shown in china. No news about 3rd season though even if 2nd season stopped in the middle. The song is sung by NoR and is called Yuu:3 First half minute is my favorite. Even if the youtube version is a bit crappy the song is still nice to hear. Enjoy and leave comments if you find it worthy XD

PS: Tell me if you are interested in the full version of the song. I listen to it every when I leave the house so I should be able to find it easily XD


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I have to admit; I did get my laptop back last week. Just been busy and then sick this whole week. Thank god for today…or it would have been a lousy week.

Not being allowed to use anyones laptop to write a blog has made me know my enemies (the usual siblings you blame for everything)

  • In Japan, girls give chocolate to the boys they like and expect gifts from them on white day.
  • In Denmark, we give don’t care who’s first since both people in the relationship express their feelings with gifts, chocolate and roses.
  • In my house, the guys buy roses, chocolate and gifts which they give to the girls expecting nothing in return. Then they use the rest of the day on their girl with romance and love. Heck, we got a schedule to follow more or so. Making it up as you go is a NO-NO, it’s something we’ve been planning for many days, making it all perfect. It’s a “let her be surprised, happy and loved”-day where we do what our girl wants to do even if it strays from the original plan.

… … … lets just make our own V-day today 😉 lessee….a Japanese style integrated with western and our style!

V-Day started with my girlfriend coming to my place with a gift

*.* Saber~~~~...oh and Illya

*.* Saber~~~~ *.* ...and some girl not worth mentioning


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It’s kinda boring to go to uni before the sun gets up and get home after the sun gets down……yeah thats my life atm…wait I need a life first to complain about it. Anyways, to prevent my bore…err…to stop wasting my time away I installed and played the game my friend sent me (NO! I’M NOT WASTING MY TIME WITH PLAYING GAMES :p). The game I’m talking about and the one I will talk a bit about now is called Tokkyu Tenshi (aka Rapid Angel in english aka 特急天使 in japanese).

Do you remember it from my post a few hours before New Years? Probably not, since I posted trailers for more than just one game XD but if you want to check out the trailer again go to this post  and find  Tokkyu Tenshi OP.

Tokkyu Tenshi is made by Easy Game Station who also made another funny game called ダッシュDEレイレイ aka Dash-DE-LeiLei. I was surprised to see this when I checked their profile but then again it made sense since Dash-DE-LeiLei was the same kind of game as Tokkyu Tenshi is.

If you got any desire (of course you do :P) to check their homepage, here you go:

Official Website of the Easy Game Station

Official Website of the Game 

So I started to play this game without knowing anything about it, except for the trailer I had found before. I got a….standard titlescreen in my face that didn’t show me anything about the game itself. Some feathers were falling and music was playing in the background…what? I’m lying?..see for yourself 😛 

...The title screen <.<

...The title screen <.<


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I found out that a lot of blogs are writing about the year that went by and talking about: what was the fun, sad and what could have been better for them. Since I’m not the kind of guy to look back at the year and think about the year that went by….I shall instead look forward to all the happiness that shall come with the year to come! I mean, I’ve been quite happy this year but its over now….wait that’s not right…I’ve had a wish that’s not been fulfilled, only one though. It’s called World Peace 😉

Can’t see why people can’t mind themselves and live in peace. If your neighbours aren’t going around and killing anyone then leave them alone…oh well I guess it’s human nature.

Anyways still few hours to kill before it’s time to out with  a big bang over here (no not literally :P). Yesterday I posted the some pages for the C75 and today I was making it up to myself for missing out the C75 fun. The net is a nice tool to have at your service at times like these 😀

So now to make it up to you, I will post what I found so you can go *.* with me, yeah, lets go fangirl!

I’ll start with the games first:

Lucky☆Fighter II (らき☆ふぁい) C75Ver

someone said Lucky Starghter?


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I’m failing here, hard…somehow xmas made me do nothing and that made me miss out of on stuff that I shouldn’t have missed. Otaku-fail, orz

C75 aka Comiket75 aka Comic Market 75 started in Japan a few days ago and finished today! If you don’t know what a comiket is…well in short it’s the world’s largest comic(read: manga) convention, held twice a year in Tokyo in Japan.  The 75 means it’s been held 75 times already. It’s filled with participating circles pro or not and lots of ppl, mostly japanese, who wants to buy shiny stuff to add their collection. Oh, and lots of ppl cosplaying….yes hawt chicks too 😉

Imagine: Your local anime/manga convention but with a lot more space and lots of goodies to buy, limited doujins (Hentai or safe), games, manga, posters, cds, figures and lots of other stuff (yes, key words: lots of shinies *.*)

Anyways I shall post some pages of the Booth Pamphlet from C75 to show the circles that where present this time. You can look at the pictures and if you like, visit the circles site to check their stuff. Sadly I didn’t have time to check them myself which means that there are yaoi circles too…and I haven’t edited them out <.< But you can see that on the small pics too. 2 guys alone in a weird position usually means the ebil is there (ebil = Yaoi) ;P

Here you go, the cover of the pamphlet with the dates and times when the convention was held in Japan this year. (28,29 and 30 this month if you didn’t notice it 😉 )



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