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Windows 7……-tan!!!

Yes, Windows 7 got a tan too. Windows tans, which are cute chibi chars being the windows mascots, have been unofficial mascots made by the japanese fanatic community.


To promote Windows 7 microsoft made an official windows 7-tan. She’s called Nanami Madobe which is a play on windows 7 (“Nana” means 7 and “Madoe” means window in japanese) and is voiced by Mizuki Nana, a popular idol, singer and voice actor (like putting voice for Hinata in Naruto, Fate in Nanoha). She looks okay, which isn’t that normal when you talk about voice actors XD


More info on Nana:


They made an official theme with 7-tan with sounds and (more…)


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After fighting my way through uni and other stuff I now have a week of vacation!!! *.*

I found the pics for the manga but just posting it now would be bad (it shall be drafted and be released tomorrow or the day after)

So today I will present you the best doujinshi soundtrack I found while going through the C74 stuff I talked about a few posts ago.

It’s called “生まれてきてくれてありがとう” aka “Thank you for being born” by M.Graveyard. Think it was made for Higurashi games but not sure…so no comments there. (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is worth the read/watch though…maybe I’ll write something about it in the future)

I’ll now post those vids that were good and could be found at youtube . They are all nice listening to without being annoying which makes a hit, specially this time where it’s spring over here 😀 Here we go!


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Today…well I was hanging out(read: doing hw) at uni for some time and didn’t have time to relax….until today :3

SO today I will present you something you may know already. Though the chance for not knowing is a lot bigger 😛 Here we go!

It’s 3 cute SD character videos from different eroges. The first 2 are from Toheart and are music videos. The last one is from Key characters from Air, Kanon and One and tells a bit about their…”daily life”. They are worth watching, specially my favorite Funky Cat Maybe, enjoy ^^

Hajikero! いいんちょ (Hajikero Iinchou)



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Today one of my friends slave, japanese of course…, asked me if I agreed on the top 50 eroge in 2008 from 2ch. “Oh,” I replied surprised “I didn’t notice that you people already made a topchart over eroge already.” He laughed a little at with me and then posted some niconico links….then youtube links, which I could use.

I watched them all and enjoyed them XD~~~~~~~~~~~

The first place doesn’t surprise me, it got what they want….damn those pedos. Well i won’t spoil it for you, you can watch them yourself.

From 50-11:

From 10-1:


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I have to admit; I did get my laptop back last week. Just been busy and then sick this whole week. Thank god for today…or it would have been a lousy week.

Not being allowed to use anyones laptop to write a blog has made me know my enemies (the usual siblings you blame for everything)

  • In Japan, girls give chocolate to the boys they like and expect gifts from them on white day.
  • In Denmark, we give don’t care who’s first since both people in the relationship express their feelings with gifts, chocolate and roses.
  • In my house, the guys buy roses, chocolate and gifts which they give to the girls expecting nothing in return. Then they use the rest of the day on their girl with romance and love. Heck, we got a schedule to follow more or so. Making it up as you go is a NO-NO, it’s something we’ve been planning for many days, making it all perfect. It’s a “let her be surprised, happy and loved”-day where we do what our girl wants to do even if it strays from the original plan.

… … … lets just make our own V-day today 😉 lessee….a Japanese style integrated with western and our style!

V-Day started with my girlfriend coming to my place with a gift

*.* Saber~~~~...oh and Illya

*.* Saber~~~~ *.* ...and some girl not worth mentioning


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I’m failing here, hard…somehow xmas made me do nothing and that made me miss out of on stuff that I shouldn’t have missed. Otaku-fail, orz

C75 aka Comiket75 aka Comic Market 75 started in Japan a few days ago and finished today! If you don’t know what a comiket is…well in short it’s the world’s largest comic(read: manga) convention, held twice a year in Tokyo in Japan.  The 75 means it’s been held 75 times already. It’s filled with participating circles pro or not and lots of ppl, mostly japanese, who wants to buy shiny stuff to add their collection. Oh, and lots of ppl cosplaying….yes hawt chicks too 😉

Imagine: Your local anime/manga convention but with a lot more space and lots of goodies to buy, limited doujins (Hentai or safe), games, manga, posters, cds, figures and lots of other stuff (yes, key words: lots of shinies *.*)

Anyways I shall post some pages of the Booth Pamphlet from C75 to show the circles that where present this time. You can look at the pictures and if you like, visit the circles site to check their stuff. Sadly I didn’t have time to check them myself which means that there are yaoi circles too…and I haven’t edited them out <.< But you can see that on the small pics too. 2 guys alone in a weird position usually means the ebil is there (ebil = Yaoi) ;P

Here you go, the cover of the pamphlet with the dates and times when the convention was held in Japan this year. (28,29 and 30 this month if you didn’t notice it 😉 )



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