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Yep I haven’t written here anything for the last 3 months. I’m but I was quite busy with my bach thesis. It went okay…

After that I decided to do another of my hobby to satisfy some readers and fans but that ended with not such a good response since I don’t like other’s earning money on free stuff. So I decided to go on vacation…

Since I seem to have a lot of time and Remilia Scarlet won’t be beaten no matter what (well I’m getting closer to beaten her each day) I thought “Why not post on the blog?”

So I had to find something to blog on since talking about the same crap like the rest of the other otaku…anime or manga…wouldn’t cut it.

Luckily for me a friend…a 3-eyes alien came to my rescue with a nice short game. I thought “Hey, let’s snatch it!”

So I present you a game called “The Company of Myself.” It’s about this guy who wanders alone on a field and finding new things he likes and dislikes. The intro starts like this:

Sounds a  bit boring but fear not it is worth it if you like to think in your games. You could call it a puzzle game. You mostly follow his story and he’s the only one in it, there’s a flashback though. Him and his shadow he can use to work for him.

 You may not see it in the picture since I didn’t think it was that important but by using the other shadows of his self as a stepping stone, he can progress. The flower is the start point and the green square is (more…)


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It’s been over 3 months since my last entry. The excuses are: uni uni uni uni and uni!

Then came July and I got “vacation” …..yes “vacation” since I’m been working my butt off trying to please the scanlation world.

Tomorrow there will be vacation no matter what! I will be leaving the house, going to Kashmir to hve fun (Read: Learn a little about their culture and history) and sightsee a little (Read: Stay inside if it’s too hot and go out if it’s okay weather)

Of course I could stay at home but it’s too hot and people on the net won’t leave me alone. I need some kind of freedom!

Now to not let you alone, I’ll post the top 50 eroge in 2009 from 2ch. I watched them all and know them but I haven’t played any of the games since as you may have noticed I’ve been too busy with uni. So I can’t really agree or disagree with the choices.

The youtube vids are in 3 pieces. The first one takes rank 51-31 since 49, 50 and 51 had exactly same votes. The second part is from rank 30-12 and the third part is from 11-1, of course.

Number 27 should be played since all games from innocent grey are worth it cuz of the art and the story~

Number 20 seems to have strange art…and nice musique…hmmm..interesting

Number 17 Alice2010 from Alicesoft <3<3<3

Number 9 Eushully stuff…KYAAAAAA *fangasm*

Number 7 Dies  Irae – Acta est Fabula – by light…look at the action, the art, the girls…*.*

Number 6 to 1…..Okay seems like I agree with their choices XD

Rank 51-31:

Rank 30-12:  (more…)

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hmmm….where to start….

/rant begin

There was once one British guy who bought a game from japan called RapeLay and then sold it on amazon.co.uk.

There were also once a feminist group in USA/England (not entirely sure) who noticed that game and then started a huge debate that span over the whole world debate in their country that Japanese eroge games were the cause for rapes in Japan and aired in the news for 5 mins.

There were also some Japanese TV news and the Japanese government who saw that they got the blame for all the rapes in the world and started to ban every kind of eroge in japan (think they went for every kind of hentai, lol)

As some of you readers know because you are normal sane people, rape in a movie doesn’t mean that you have to go rape someone on the street…..sadly some people doesn’t get it *points to a certain female group* and think that’s the reason for rape in the world. XD

Definition for Eroge;  “An eroge (エロゲー erogē?, a portmanteau of erotic game: erochikku gēmu) is a Japanese video or computer game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork. ” (Thank you, Wiki)

Yeah, there are rape games, tentacle games, loli games, milf games, cheating games, demon games, highschool love games, work love games, gay games, lesbian games…heck even games for girls who hunts hunks in a male harem….well actually all kinds of eroge games. This doesn’t mean that every eroge is bad…people got their tastes, let them have it, no need to force down your taste on them. It’s not democrazy!

It’s like the topic; “Violent games makes psychos” started by another certain female group in some country -_-;;;; Instead of focusing on your kids and teaching what’s right and wrong, so when they become adults, they can become proper adults, it’s easier for them just to blame other things, in this case eroge/games.

Before I start on what I’m pissed at, I will tell you the truth: I’ve played the title in question, RapeLay. (more…)

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So after running away last time by just making a little post about my wall…yeah I felt a little bad about it 😛 ….I decided to write a bit about some of the musique listen to. Well I listen to a lot but still…if I take a few songs and their artist I should be able to make lots of posts, lol.

Today it will be Ar Tonelico’s turn. If you haven’t played the games, watched the ova or read the manga….then you can still enjoy the great music it got. If I can so can you 😉

So lets the musique show begin with my favorite~


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It’s hard finding a good new manga that you want to others to pick up and read…so I guess I’ll talk about some semi-old mangas that I read (and maybe bought) and found nice.

Today it’s going to be Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san since it’s cute, lovely and funny to read :3

The scans are taken from groups that did a few chapters so they may be a bit of bad quality, bear with it. I couldn’t find the japanese raws on my computer and didn’t want to scan my manga…cuz that may not result in a better quality, lol.

Shoujo no Sekai - HoiHoi-san - Entré

HoiHoi-san has entered the building!


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Puchi Eva or as some calls them Petit Eva is not a new concept from Gainax….they are quite old. Puchi Eva are just made the Eva figures in SD (super-deformed) form cuz we all know whats Gainax motto; “Lets milk it cuz it’s Eva!”
Well I shouldn’t really be talking since I like Eva…first version better than the second rebirth shit. Why? Cuz it got REI!!!!! Rei was shown as a cute girl running late for school with a slice of bread in her mouth…. *.* Yeah,  everything with Rei in it is worth it….kinda like how everything with Saber it in is totally worth it, lol

...YumYum? She can be an angel for all I care *.* YUMYUM

...YumYum! She can be an angel trying to destroy humanity for all I care *.*

Anyways back to Puchi Eva… (more…)

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It’s kinda boring to go to uni before the sun gets up and get home after the sun gets down……yeah thats my life atm…wait I need a life first to complain about it. Anyways, to prevent my bore…err…to stop wasting my time away I installed and played the game my friend sent me (NO! I’M NOT WASTING MY TIME WITH PLAYING GAMES :p). The game I’m talking about and the one I will talk a bit about now is called Tokkyu Tenshi (aka Rapid Angel in english aka 特急天使 in japanese).

Do you remember it from my post a few hours before New Years? Probably not, since I posted trailers for more than just one game XD but if you want to check out the trailer again go to this post  and find  Tokkyu Tenshi OP.

Tokkyu Tenshi is made by Easy Game Station who also made another funny game called ダッシュDEレイレイ aka Dash-DE-LeiLei. I was surprised to see this when I checked their profile but then again it made sense since Dash-DE-LeiLei was the same kind of game as Tokkyu Tenshi is.

If you got any desire (of course you do :P) to check their homepage, here you go:

Official Website of the Easy Game Station

Official Website of the Game 

So I started to play this game without knowing anything about it, except for the trailer I had found before. I got a….standard titlescreen in my face that didn’t show me anything about the game itself. Some feathers were falling and music was playing in the background…what? I’m lying?..see for yourself 😛 

...The title screen <.<

...The title screen <.<


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