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I’ve been busy with stuff that I really need to do to go forward…and my scanlation group. I didn’t really have anything to write about since I’ve kinda been dead on funny stuff to write about. Well except that my japanese class is filled with nerds that like naruto, bleach and one piece because that’s what manga is for them. Luckily there are even girls who know what hentai is, lol.

Yesterday I found something that I found interesting which also made my laugh a lot. We call them Robots! In japan robots are big, mostly because they love their hi-tech stuff over there. So as many of you know they started to make robots that look like humans (after all we all know that dutchwives takes an extra step in Japan) and this time they are using robots in their….acting! No need for actors anymore…well soon since the robots are a bit stiff.

We already know that they can to do this:



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Backz…and SamBakZa

I’m back! Well actually I’ve been back for nearly a month soon. Just didn’t have power enough to do anything. A few days back I took back my throne and now I thought I should write here too. My vacation was…

In short: My vacation was crap..I became more stressed that before…

That was my vacation. Now to what I want to present for you today!

It’s a nice animation series by a korean company called SamBakZa. You can find them here.

The animation I present is called “There She Is” and about a normal cat and a yandere rabbit. It’s a sweet love story that should be watched by everyone. It gets serious after Step 3 but it ends happily in the end. You will go awww, T.T, XD and  <3<3<3 at it. My own favorite is Step 1, totally.

Heh, Now enjoy all the 5 Steps of “There She is“:

Step 1 (The start):

Step 2: (more…)

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It seems I again in my busy plan forgot about this blog. What a boo boo I did there, sorry. I noticed that people still checks the blog even if I don’t write….which made me kind of happy. This means that there is something those 3k+ people found interesting on my blog. This again means that I shall continue as I normally do. Today there won’t be a lot to write about so I’ll finish this quick.

Remember the lil’ touhou video I showed you in A really nice animation music video – Touhou ? I loved it and still listen to it like crazy. The musique is nice to listen to but the video is nicely made to. A few days ago I was talking to one of my good friends and he told me there was another video made which used the same video in a funny way.

The video was showed in CNN presented as “How they made ‘Bad Apple’ video in Japan” -_-;;; Yes, CNN just became a lot more stupid than they were in the past, no need for them to go down to FoxNews level…or what?

Anyways since they were to stupid to see that there’s more work to make the video as the latest version I’ll just show you how great it was made. Though I still like the original video from the old post better since it got a certain charm to it, heh. Enjoy!

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Weeeeeh Happy New Year!

Yes as the title says: Happy New Year

May you have a wonderful year, 2010. I bet we all wanted to do lots of things like taking over the world but had no time to do it with lots of other stuff getting in our way. I wanted to write a little about the c77 comiket they just had in Japan a few days ago but…..no chance of doing it since I had a little work to do (btw Spain says hi) and I didn’t find the pamphlet which got colours and make it more interesting to look at stuff. Of course this doesn’t mean that I may not write something about…dunno…I should find something good to post later. 34 mins left to new year and I wanted to give you all a greeting since….it’s being polite. Nah, I’m kidding, I’m bored, I want to get over with this and go to bed but people won’t let me. So what’s better to do than wasting my time on saying hi to you and wish you a happy new year…beats the party they are having right now in this house…. 😛

So have I done anything this year? First semester….probably not…second semester…too much…guess that equals a yes.

Do I regret something? Probably but atm I can’t remember any of them….must be a no, lol.

What are my new years resolutions (why stop at one when you can have more? heh!): Well not being this lazy (lol yeah rite), be more serious about uni (…like reading the books), make a great bach project (this is gonna be tough…nearly as much as laziness), release more chapters (oh think we can probably do that…), play more games (well if you think about how many eroge I’ve played so far…I can only fulfill it no matter how many games I play), learn programming hardcore (it’s a must if I wanna survive at uni), exercise (need some muscles) and probably read more manga, watch more anime, listen to the musique and learn japanese enough to beat Joulu at Sankyu score…omg the otaku in me just woke up. 24 mins left to new year…Oh and let’s not forget; World Peace or Take Over the World! (I figure both thing leads to the same^^)

So you people got any wishes for the new year resolution? Something that’s not as big as mine but something you want to change about yourself and you know that if you get a little push from behind you can do it^^ Please do tell!

Lastly I present you the Type-Moon new year picture from their Homepage for today only, they will probably have it gone by tomorrow night.

14 mins left till new year…Now I command you to have a happy new year no matter where you are and who you are. Atleast use this day to relax…though I’m being a hypocrite when there’s poor people in the world and fireworks pollutes the envoirement a lot more than…well details details!


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Windows 7……-tan!!!

Yes, Windows 7 got a tan too. Windows tans, which are cute chibi chars being the windows mascots, have been unofficial mascots made by the japanese fanatic community.


To promote Windows 7 microsoft made an official windows 7-tan. She’s called Nanami Madobe which is a play on windows 7 (“Nana” means 7 and “Madoe” means window in japanese) and is voiced by Mizuki Nana, a popular idol, singer and voice actor (like putting voice for Hinata in Naruto, Fate in Nanoha). She looks okay, which isn’t that normal when you talk about voice actors XD


More info on Nana:


They made an official theme with 7-tan with sounds and (more…)

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Like I said yesterday, I would write a new post yesterday, which I did but forgot to press on Publish before I went to bed, lol. This will now be done *clicks on publish* enjoy a little bit of history.

Scanlation is something that has been illegal since it started early morni……a few decades ago. Illegal because you take a licensed work, translate it and then share it with other people without the author or the manga company’s consent.

Some people think, it’s alright to scanlate the manga untill it’s been licensed in the country, they are living in (normally they think licensed = licensed in USA) which is wrong since it’s illegal before it was licensed in their country. It’s licensed from the point the company buy the rights to make it….which means it’s already licensed in the whole world when you can find the manga in the Japanese bookstores.

Then there are those, who thinks it’s alright to scanlate the manga since the manga company, that got it licensed in their country (in USA), are doing a bad work with their favorite manga, and they could do a better job themself…still illegal but they don’t care. If you want them to care then get the manga releasing company to do a better job, when they release the manga in their country.

In the end there are those who don’t give a damn about anything and scanlate no matter what. Since you can get your favorite manga and it’s all free, it’s okay in their eyes. We call them bastards….who should ####. >:D

From the start scanlation had the goal (the real agenda of scanlation) of promoting manga in their country and get it licensed by some manga/comic companies so you could buy it, or get more people to read your favorite manga aka making a fanbase. Of course this doesn’t hit entirely well with the company’s (more…)

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I’m in da scanlation community cuz of various reasons but that’s a topic for another day. For a day when I got lots of time and don’t know what to write about. 😀

Today we shall talk about the latest in the scanlation world. There are two new things in it: “MangaHelpers’ 180% turn” and “The new history site of Scanlations” which aired yesterday, 10/10;2010 at 10. (I was reading and looking at it before though, kekeke)

In this post I will write a little about Mangahelpers. The next one will be on the site…will write it in the evening.^^

Mangahelpers (MH), who supported scanlations in the past (which we all know are illegal stuff) are trying to make a deal with Viz to support them so they can make the scanlations “legal”. This is not a problem but they want to help Viz hunt down the other scanlators. Also take money for future scanlations on their site, which other people made, by making it pay pr view.

Reason: They want to earn on the community “they” made which lots of people are using cuz they found a common place/site. Yep, the usual: Let’s use others to make money ourself.

What is MH?

This is MangaHelpers.

A place, where raw providers upload their raws, translators translate what they want after their own choice (from the manga that were put up on the site), editors edit what they want and it’s released on the site. If someone wanted to make a group and release manga they can get that function on MH too. After a year or two (MH 4 years old now) this resulted in (more…)

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