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Puchi Eva or as some calls them Petit Eva is not a new concept from Gainax….they are quite old. Puchi Eva are just made the Eva figures in SD (super-deformed) form cuz we all know whats Gainax motto; “Lets milk it cuz it’s Eva!”
Well I shouldn’t really be talking since I like Eva…first version better than the second rebirth shit. Why? Cuz it got REI!!!!! Rei was shown as a cute girl running late for school with a slice of bread in her mouth…. *.* Yeah,  everything with Rei in it is worth it….kinda like how everything with Saber it in is totally worth it, lol

...YumYum? She can be an angel for all I care *.* YUMYUM

...YumYum! She can be an angel trying to destroy humanity for all I care *.*

Anyways back to Puchi Eva… (more…)


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