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A tiny scary story

After stopping scanlations I got lots of time reading up on stuff I’ve missed for a long time. A few weeks ago I found a nice webcomic on a Korean site I visit often.  I wondered if I had to translate it from Korean to English before presenting it to you readers since it’s a good presentation of it. Still I rather not since I stopped scanlating stuff after it got misused from online manga readers to earn money instead of the original idea: Showing love for the author’s work to others. Some people can be that disgusting.

Anyway I found out that it was out in an English version too and decided to post it here so people can read and enjoy the scare, heh.

A simple title for those who may want to know the title and the author of the work. It’s taken from Naver where many koreans post webcomics for others to read, some much better than others.

A girl, the main char, is on her way home from late school class and she got a weird feeling about the shadow she sees in front of her.

I won’t tell much more about the story since it will only ruin what happens in the story, after all I already spoiled enough as it is.

Before posting the link to the story and telling you to enjoy it, I’ll give you a warning: If you got weak heart, too old so your heart isn’t as strong as the young days, can’t handle horrors…well don’t read it. Otherwise go for the trill~

Remember that this story goes down so you just scroll down while you read it, enjoy: A small ghost story for the dark night



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Like I said yesterday, I would write a new post yesterday, which I did but forgot to press on Publish before I went to bed, lol. This will now be done *clicks on publish* enjoy a little bit of history.

Scanlation is something that has been illegal since it started early morni……a few decades ago. Illegal because you take a licensed work, translate it and then share it with other people without the author or the manga company’s consent.

Some people think, it’s alright to scanlate the manga untill it’s been licensed in the country, they are living in (normally they think licensed = licensed in USA) which is wrong since it’s illegal before it was licensed in their country. It’s licensed from the point the company buy the rights to make it….which means it’s already licensed in the whole world when you can find the manga in the Japanese bookstores.

Then there are those, who thinks it’s alright to scanlate the manga since the manga company, that got it licensed in their country (in USA), are doing a bad work with their favorite manga, and they could do a better job themself…still illegal but they don’t care. If you want them to care then get the manga releasing company to do a better job, when they release the manga in their country.

In the end there are those who don’t give a damn about anything and scanlate no matter what. Since you can get your favorite manga and it’s all free, it’s okay in their eyes. We call them bastards….who should ####. >:D

From the start scanlation had the goal (the real agenda of scanlation) of promoting manga in their country and get it licensed by some manga/comic companies so you could buy it, or get more people to read your favorite manga aka making a fanbase. Of course this doesn’t hit entirely well with the company’s (more…)

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I’m in da scanlation community cuz of various reasons but that’s a topic for another day. For a day when I got lots of time and don’t know what to write about. 😀

Today we shall talk about the latest in the scanlation world. There are two new things in it: “MangaHelpers’ 180% turn” and “The new history site of Scanlations” which aired yesterday, 10/10;2010 at 10. (I was reading and looking at it before though, kekeke)

In this post I will write a little about Mangahelpers. The next one will be on the site…will write it in the evening.^^

Mangahelpers (MH), who supported scanlations in the past (which we all know are illegal stuff) are trying to make a deal with Viz to support them so they can make the scanlations “legal”. This is not a problem but they want to help Viz hunt down the other scanlators. Also take money for future scanlations on their site, which other people made, by making it pay pr view.

Reason: They want to earn on the community “they” made which lots of people are using cuz they found a common place/site. Yep, the usual: Let’s use others to make money ourself.

What is MH?

This is MangaHelpers.

A place, where raw providers upload their raws, translators translate what they want after their own choice (from the manga that were put up on the site), editors edit what they want and it’s released on the site. If someone wanted to make a group and release manga they can get that function on MH too. After a year or two (MH 4 years old now) this resulted in (more…)

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