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I had an extreme stressful semester before new year and wasted 2 weeks going to a class in January which I dropped cuz the quality was too low.

So I’ve been taking a break and will start uni soon again but that doesn’t mean that I won’t stop writing here again, lol.

No this is only giving sign saying that I live. I would love to post something about C81 but sadly I missed that too.

Still wait for news to come…very soon~ Just need to get my act together, heh.


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Yep I haven’t written here anything for the last 3 months. I’m but I was quite busy with my bach thesis. It went okay…

After that I decided to do another of my hobby to satisfy some readers and fans but that ended with not such a good response since I don’t like other’s earning money on free stuff. So I decided to go on vacation…

Since I seem to have a lot of time and Remilia Scarlet won’t be beaten no matter what (well I’m getting closer to beaten her each day) I thought “Why not post on the blog?”

So I had to find something to blog on since talking about the same crap like the rest of the other otaku…anime or manga…wouldn’t cut it.

Luckily for me a friend…a 3-eyes alien came to my rescue with a nice short game. I thought “Hey, let’s snatch it!”

So I present you a game called “The Company of Myself.” It’s about this guy who wanders alone on a field and finding new things he likes and dislikes. The intro starts like this:

Sounds a  bit boring but fear not it is worth it if you like to think in your games. You could call it a puzzle game. You mostly follow his story and he’s the only one in it, there’s a flashback though. Him and his shadow he can use to work for him.

 You may not see it in the picture since I didn’t think it was that important but by using the other shadows of his self as a stepping stone, he can progress. The flower is the start point and the green square is (more…)

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Yes, I’m sorry, a lot actually. Somehow I got the idea that writing a blog is like writing big article with lots of links and pictures. So I delayed and delayed writing on the blog while stressing out a bit and thinking what to write and how to write it.

How wrong I was! After reading Todd Stauffer’s book “The Essential guide to Building Dynamic Weblogs BLOG ON” I got an idea, how my own blog could look. The book is from 2002, so it may be outdated, not to mention there may be better books out there in the marked now. I found it in the library a few months ago while looking for some Learn-some-java-books and thought “Hey, maybe this may help me a little”. It did! In my opinion it’s a great book for newbeginners, where you learn about the different styles and small tips on how to make your blog better. Heck, you even learn how to insert pictures, links, forum and a few other things in your blog.

Damn…that sounded like it was an add for the book..it’s not. Go find it in the library, read it and if you love it, buy it to support the author. Ehem….I will start to write something this week, hopefully. Wish me luck, lol.

PS: Thx Todd, for clearing a few questions in my head about blogs!

PSS: Seems like wordpress got easier (and better?) to use, cool

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Welcome to my first blog.

Normally I wouldn’t do this but I lost a bet where the loser had to make a blog or a LiveJournal. Since I find blogs more interesting than LJs, I’m here making a blog. Yeah, strange bet we had going, not to mention how we found the winner (loser in my case T_T) but lets not go into that. Luckily it’s only for 5 years….though it may continue depending on my love for blogs blossoms….Yeah, I know, I sound really optismisted about this but fear not I shall not do a bad job…hopefully.

I’m probably going to write about a lot of stuff but mainly about japanese stuff as manga (thats what the japanese calls their comics), anime (thats what the japanese calls their cartoons), games (think they call them games too in japan), eroge (thats the adult games…yeah they got lots of those, pervs :P). I’ll probably write about comics, cartoons, movies, stupid ppl saying stupid things or doing stupid things and other interesting stuff I may find and want to share with the world. In case anyone is wondering NO! I will not give you ppl cooking tips eventhough I know how to cook…don’t wanna kill you off with those kinds of posts.

I’ll adjust the blog later on as soon as I learn more about the functions and the things I can do with blogs.

Oh a warning, I love to write a lot when I get started, meaning big posts when I write. Not to forget, I’m not from a “english as the mother tongue”-country so expect some mistakes here and there and not your usual sense of humour.^^

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